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Bee Removal – How to?

The question “How to get rid of bees?” has many answers depending on your situation. As Bee Removal Experts, we assure you that our bee removal methods are effective and environmentally safe in removing bees.

Removing bees by yourself can be done. But like many things, a Bee Removal Expert can provide you the comfort of knowing the job is done right the first time.

I see many bees flying in my backyard. Should I be worried?

This can indicate any number of things from a swarm of scouts looking for a new place to build a hive, or a swarm that just moved in. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference, so give us a call at  805.367.5300
for a no-obligation visit by one of our Bee Removal Experts.
This way we can best advise you. The site visit and estimate will be free of charge.

How much damage can bees do? 

When considering how to get rid of bees, keep in mind that bees can create many problems for us humans.

For instance, bees can create honey in structures that can seep through walls, ceilings, stucco, etc. This can in turn cause rotting, mold, awful smells, and attract other insects and creatures that can end up being much more expensive then if you had the bees removed in the first place.

Our Bee Removal Experts are very familiar with all sorts of “hidden” problems in getting rid of bees.

Can I prevent bees from coming to my house?

You really can not prevent bees from creating a hive on your property.  Bees can find the smallest of voids to create a hive and those hives can end up growing to expand into other areas of your property.

This is why, as soon as you feel as though you have a bee problem, you should call Bee Friendly so that we can send one of our Bee Removal Experts out to your property to analyze the problem. Our specialists have over 75 years combined experience in the best ways to get rid of bees.

Will the bees leave on their own?

It really just depends on how fast you notice them. There is always a possibility that we can get rid of bees by taking preventative measures to try to keep them from staying on your property.  This problem needs to be addressed immediately though before the swarm decides to build a hive.

Can the bees come back?

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If the bee removal process is done properly then they bees should not return. If they do it is only by coincidence, because they can always come back to another area in your home or property.

This is why we carry the strongest guarantees in the industry in case they do come back to the same spot.

Can I just kill the bees and seal the hole up?

This process is highly not recommended. If you end up doing this  you can aggravate the bees to the point where you will get attacked. Additionally, trapping the bees within a structure can still cause damage because of the honey that was leftover.

Furthermore, there is still the possibility that the bees will find another way out. Not only will this process cause damage to your structure but it can also cause harm to those around the given structure.

I see dead bees inside my house. Why?

What the dead bees indicate is that you have a hive within the structure and the hive size has grown to a point where the entry/exit area for the bees to go in and out has become congested. This means that some of the bees ended up getting lost and look for a light as an exit point which leads them to end up in your home. While in your home the bees died due to lack of food (pollen).

How can I tell the difference between Africanized bees and normal bees? 

It is really difficult unless you are an expert in the field to be able to tell the difference between an Africanized bee and a normal bee.  There are actually a lot of companies within the industry that cannot tell the difference.  A few helpful hints to identify an Africanized bee are that they are some what smaller in size and much more aggressive than normal bees.

FAQ About Bees

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How fast can Bees create a hive?

Bees can start producing the cone from the very first day.  Bees will then produce honey within 72 hours.

I see a small number of bees on my roof or chimney area.

This indicates signs that the bees have established a hive near the area you are seeing this activity.

Will your procedures harm any pets or plants?

No, not at all.

We are Specialists in safe, organic live bee removal services. 30 years of experience, we have developed methods to take care of your bee problem without the use of dangerous chemicals.

We protect your Family, your Health, your property and being environmentally responsible.

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Daniel R. writes:

”  It’s Sunday morning.  Bees are inside the house – buzzing in the windows. Huge swarm outside trying to get in the attic. Hundreds of bees literally.

Not Good… Especially as my wife is so allergic she will need to go to emergency if she is stung.

Jumped on Google and saw that Bee Friendly was not only local, but was experienced.  I called in a heartbeat and talked to a guy named Voss.

I was totally impressed. Within an hour, he was at my door. Voss knew exactly what was going on and explained everything so I could understand what was happening.  This guy is good. Really good.

We had bees before. That guy charged me nearly twice as much two years ago, and when I called him on this particular Sunday, I got an answering machine!

Anyway, Bee Friendly was great. Voss was really knowledgeable and the price and guarantee were unreal.  I recommend these guys to everybody!  ”

Servicing Tech – Voss


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