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Safe, Organic Live Bee Removal Services

Bee Friendly Bee Removal is a full service Live Bee Removal, Bee Rescue and Bee Relocation company.
Bee Friendly Bee Removal

We specialize in organic or green bee hive removal. This process requires a skilled professional trained in handling bees and the honey combs so that minimal damage is done to the bees, the hive and the handler.

Bee Swarm & Hive Removal

Live Bee & Bee Hive Removal Specialists

We specialize in humanely removing bees using Bee-Friendly methods that are SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY and highly effective.

At Bee Friendly we specialize in safe, organic live bee removal services and we can take care of your bee problem without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Bee Friendly believes in live bee removal whenever possible. And, unlike other companies, We Do Not Exterminate. We do not use Pesticides.

we are NOT a Pest Control Company.

we Do NOT Exterminate Bees.

We practice Eco-Friendly bee extractions when we remove bees and hives.

The methods we use are for the safety of you, your family, Your property and the enviornment;

Bee Friendly Service Overview

Bee Friendly Bee Rescue

The most important part of this live bee removal process is ensuring that the queen bee is transported safely with the combs to her new home without any harm done to her.

If the queen bee is killed or hurt during this process the whole colony will be ruined and abandoned in 3-5 days. If the hive is located within a structure in an unnatural way, we first try to save the queen bee. After the queen bee is saved, we will then try to save the hive.


Residential and Commercial Bee Removal Expertise.

At Bee Friendly some of our technicians have over 30 years of training in bee removal and handling and bee hive removal.  We have expertise in removing bees and wasps from Residential homes and yards as well as Commercial properties.

Our goal at Bee Friendly is to provide exceptional quality bee removal, Fast, Safe, immediate service and excellent customer care..

Bee Friendly Bee Removal

Fast, Safe, Immediate Bee Service

Bee Removal Structure Opening and Repairs

What differentiates Bee Friendly from our competitors is that we can also handle any repairs needed as a result of a bee extraction job, e.g. Removal Repairs. This is the most effective way to remove bees from inside of a void within a structure.
This process involves removing the part of the structure where the bees have created a hive and then fully repairing the structure back to its original form and look.

Our very experienced technicians safely and expertly open and repair structures.

  • Bee Extraction and Rescue
  • ground / structure hive extraction
  • Opening & Repairing Structures to Remove Bees
  • We carefully open & repair structures
  • Bee Proofing & Prevention

Whether it’s a multi million dollar commercial property building or private home, our technicians have many years of experience and will treat your property the same as they would their own homes.  Moreover, we back up our service with the longest warranties within our industry.


A Fully Insured Bee Removal Company 

We will meet or exceed all liability insurance requirements. Our team of bee removal professionals are fully licensed, insured, and certified to ensure that the job gets done right, the first time


Emergency Bee Removal Service 24/7

At Bee Friendly we have Emergency Same Day Services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We understand that when it comes to the safety of your family, pets, employees or tenants, and the possibility of a life threatening allergic reaction; that there is no time to waste to make sure that you get the service you need immediately..

Bee Friendly Case Study

We had a situation once where the bees had established their hive in a home for 6 years and we had to remove over 500lb’s of honey.

One of our technicians was called out by the fire department to help with a situation where sadly, an elderly gentleman could not afford to pay for the removal of honey from his home and the ceiling ended up collapsing on him in bed and fatally wounded him, and we had to remove over 500 lbs. of honey.

This is the main reason as to why we are willing to work with the elderly who cannot afford to pay for the proper treatment needed to resolve their bee problems.

We have continually work with our Senior community to ensure their safety and welfare.

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